Our terroirs

Our terroirs
Our Terroirs

Our vines, growing in a sandy and rocky soil, are a living symbol of resilience. They have been able to resist to time despite no irrigation being used, having to develop their roots up to 5 meters to reach the much-needed water. 

Living embodiments of tenacity, they are strong in the face of the sharpest winter and the heaviest summer’s suffocating heat, one famous saying refers to as “nine months of winter, three months of hell”.

Our vineyards are a patchwork of over one hundred tiny plots, ensuring complexity and richness. Our vines are very old, some dating back to 200 years. 

Preserving this unique patrimony is at the heart of our philosophy. All of the work in the vineyards are entirely manual in order to maintain the balance of the vines and the quality of the grapes. Our vines are dry-farmed and are managed organically and no pesticides are used.


Our Terroirs

Bodega Numanthia produces three expressions of a unique single varietal, Tinta de Toro, an autochthonous and rare grape variety said to be “the blackest of black grapes” and renowned for its concentration, balanced tannins and elegant notes.

Member of the Tempranillo family, the Tinta de Toro has adapted successfully to the Toro terroir producing very low yields, among the lowest in the world (<2000kg/Ha), ensuring high concentration, expressive wines and impressive quality. 

The estate is an untapped diamond, raw and requiring expert hands to cultivate and shape the complex and elegant aromas of its wines.

Our Terroirs
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Bodega Numanthia’s vineyard is composed of 200 hectares (494 acres) of vines in the communes of Toro, Morales de Toro, Valdefinjas, Venialbo, El Pego and Argujillo.

We manage a patchwork of 200 parcels across the Toro D.O., located on either side of the Duero River. The diversity of these scattered vineyards ensures a wide range of terroir expressions. Bodega Numanthia is the ONLY winery in Toro that represents so fully the D.O. Toro, being rich from its 8 terroirs types, embodying the full diversity of the denomination.

Each terroir has its own characteristics - soil, altitude, microclimate - and provide a distinctive expression of Tinta de Toro. Parcels are vinified separately before being carefully blended by the winemaking team. The result is a wine with a unique balance of elegance and power.

We are at our very heart preservationists. The entirety of our operation is dedicated to making wines that honestly reflect the spare bounty of these vineyards. When you drink a wine from Bodega Numanthia we want you to savor the fruit of our diversity of climate, terroir and ancient vines which together create wines of uncommon texture, vibrance and beauty.